Mini LD 53: Inmortals

After about a month of no gamedev, this weekend I was ready to get back to work. Go Mini LD 53!!!

I made a small game, probably about 10 hours investment, just toying with ideas. I have been drawing in a tool called Hexels, it is really nice and I wanted to develop games with hexels style. This is the first game with all assets created in Hexels.


The workflow

1. Design characters and stage in Hexels


2. Export to sprite sheet using Pixen to test animation


3. Use in Phaser game engine together with particles and sfx/music


The final game

You need to make time for your comrades. The catch, you are fighting the inmortals. Try to survive for as long as you can by destroying their current body.

CLICK on the inmortals to focus fire.

Visit the LD website or play it directly at

Game Mechanics

We game designers often struggle with simple game mechanics. We think we know what we want and on implementation it wasn’t as good as we had in mind. Other times we are just reinventing a way of doing something.

I have used Phaser game engine for almost two weeks and I am still impressed by the ease of use and nice performance.

To make things short, there is a web site which I like that involves both Phaser and game mechanics:

Extremely useful for web game developers.