December Ludum Dare

48 hours to make a game. An awesome idea.

I make games for two reasons:

  1. I like programming them.
  2. I like that people play and like my games

For reason #1, is really simple, you sit, program and done. But for the second one, getting people to actually play your game… that is quite difficult. It is even more difficult to get people like your game.

Ludum Dare is perfect for #2 reason. It has a huge audience and if played right, you can get a decent amount of plays in your game. With people playing your game, you get feedback and feedback makes you and your game better.

I started with Ludum Dare 23 using game maker to build a bullet hell(Bathtub Story) and then took a huge break and made a comeback in LD28 with still more game maker and made Monster Interceptor. Then LD29 with javascript programmed Switcher which to my perspective was a huge hit and even got a mention in Indie Statik. And the last one LD30 with Mammoth Monkey Mole (a modest hit) also in javascript.

Every game made in LD has taught me something and that is priceless. Looking forward to LD31.

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