LD30: Mammoth Monkey Mole


August is the month for Ludum Dare and this time I made a puzzle game in collaboration with @nigonzalezm. The theme for this jam is Connected Worlds, so we made a game in which you control three animals from three different worlds. The animals can’t see each other, but the environment did interact with all the animals at the same time. 

As Mammoth you can use your weight to press switches and move rocks, just be careful not to place a rock on top of the monkey or mole.

As Monkey you can jump further and activate levers to allow your other animal fellows to pass.

And as Mole you can move dirt to clear the way or to bury your mates…

It is a game made under 72 hours for the jam.

The game is available from the ludum dare site if you want to vote for us or directly on skullmate.itch.io/mammoth-monkey-mole I hope you enjoy playing it as much as we did making it.


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