Gods will be watching Analysis

This game is particularly interesting, not only because of the gameplay, but also because its idea was originated from a game jame, Ludum Dare 26 with the Minimalism theme. The Spanish team Deconstructeam is the responsible for the game and Devolver Digital is their publisher. One of its stages was created during the jam and later expanded into a full game.

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 7.32.27 PM

Now some analysis:

1. Decisions

The main part of the game is making decisions and they are HARD to make. Some of them will require you to damage NPCS or even sacrifice someone of your own team for the sake of survival. There are no obvious choices that can win you the game, you must chose carefully and this is quite refreshing for a game.

2. Point and click

The game is set with a point and click interface, which it makes the whole game playable just using the mouse. It is quite responsive and the feel is good. I would expect in a future a tablet port of the game.

3. Turn-based

Choices are difficult and it is appreciated that you can take all the time you need to make them. The game only moves forward when you decide to.

4. Several difficulties

I bought it as soon as it was out and played that same day. The game had difficulty options and I selected the easiest,  and it was HARD. The team was fast enough to notice and they released a quick update for more difficulty choices. Giving the player several options to enjoy the game is a must now a days, and I am glad Devolver and Deconstructeam noticed and improved their game.


I felt this game was refreshing since I haven’t played something similar.  It took me about 5 hours to finish the game in the story mode. This game is also important because it shows that an indie team working in game jams can release a full game. They are a great inspiration to us game makers.

Finally, I really liked that in the end credits the team added some dedications. To my perspective, they reflect in a humorous but real way the daily lives of indie game developers.



Translated in order of appearance:

To my mother, whom never believed in me. – Jordi de Paco

To my parents, whom always thought I was playing instead of working… and they were right – Jonathan Romero

To my parents for giving me food while I chased a dream and to Deconstructream for making it possible. – Jorge Plaza

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