Switcher as Ludum Dare 29 Highlight by Indie Statik

The website Indie Statik made an article with the Ludum Dare 29 Highlights and we got a mention! It is very cool to be considered a highlight among so many games! 😀

The summary:

An auto-runner where you play a half-girl, half-beast being chased by a horde of what looks to be a collection of superheroes. Like, a lot of them. As you run, the crowd chasing you will throw boulders to try to slow you down, and every once in a while, you’ll transform into a hulking skull-demon and get a chance to punch through the frontlines of the army.

I never reached the goal that the meter count in the upper-right corner tracks your proximity to. Every time the crowd closes in and you try to punch them back, the source of the projectiles they hurl at you becomes closer to the front and nearly impossible to dodge. Being momentarily stunned by the boulders is most hazardous when you’re caught in the swift, wavy motion of the crowd, and I usually ended up with a game over around that point. Still, a fun game with a cute art style, though sadly, it is without music.




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