Ludum Dare is near

It is the time to make more games!

Participating in Ludum Dare is always rewarding. The rules:

  • You have a topic to base your game on. 
  • Only 48 hours to make your game
  • Share the code and results
  • Get people to play a fresh and new game

At the end of the compo I always end tired from the coding/drawing spree, but it the results are always awesome. My first participation focused in delivering a playable complete game. For my second participation I added to the equation a nice new gameplay mechanic. And for this third compo I will add accessibility.

I used game maker for the first two compos, but the finished game was a windows desktop application. It was good, but only windows user played them. As I rated the other people games, I gave preference to the web games (html, javascript, unity) and this time I will deliver that.

My tools for this LD:

I will have the next weeks to prepare using Phaser and catch up on Javascript. Expect more posts on the topic.

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