Exporting GameMaker games to Mac

I have discovered how to use GameMaker Studio to export the game for Mac computers.

You will need:
– GameMaker Studio professional
– A Windows computer or Virtual Machine running GameMaker
– Mac computer
– An existing game made on GameMaker

Configure Mac on GameMaker:

1. Open GameMaker and load a project
2.  File -> Preferences…
3. Select Mac option on the top
4. You will have to fill the data required:

– Mac Host Name: The Mac IP address. I am using parallels and running windows as a virtual machine. The hostname is but if you have two separate computers just enter the Mac IP address.

– Mac User Name: The short name of your mac user. You can find it by opening the terminal and typing the command: whoami

– Mac Password: The password you use for login.

5. After filling all the fields select Check Mac Connection
6. If all went OK, the connection will be established.
7. Done!

If not, you may have to turn on remote login in your mac:

1. Open System Preferences->Sharing
2. Check Remote Login
3. Click on GameMaker the Check Mac Connection
4. Done!!!


This is the easy part:

1. On the top bar, select on Target, MacOSX
2. File->Create Application…
3. Save
4. Extract the .zip on your Mac
5. Play the game!

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